Sunday Plate Offering

Beginning in January of 2020, St. Elizabeth’s began a new outreach ministry. By stepping out in faith, we are hoping to make an immediate difference in the work and ministry of local, national, and international non-profits and other organizations.

Developed with the cooperation of several councils and individuals, the Sunday Plate Offering project is managed by the Outreach Council. Each week a different non-profit or other organization is highlighted. On Sunday mornings, the loose cash in our offering plates or checks made out to the Sunday Plate Offering are compiled and that money is sent to the organization highlighted for that week.

Examples of some of our highlighted nonprofits and organizations include: Fish Pantries of Knoxville, Tyson House Student Foundation, Interfaith Health Clinic, YWCA Knoxville, La Trinidad Anglican Church, Bolivia and so many more!

Just since January of 2020, St. Elizabeth’s has raised over $30,000! For more information, please contact Lynn Moore, chair of the Outreach Council.

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