Strong lay leadership and participation of all the baptized is truly essential to our life at St. Elizabeth’s. In Episcopal congregations, the work of the parish is driven by the Vestry – the elected lay leaders responsible for planning, budgeting, goal setting, property decisions and all church matters not ecclesiastical.  Our Vestry has 12 members who serve staggered three-year terms. 

Term Ending 2025
  • Scott Branham
  • Chris Felch
  • Ashton Hicks
  • Chemain Kellogg
Term Ending 2024
  • Mike Brown
  • Andy Hicks
  • Eleanor Stevens
  • Cathy Wadley
Term Ending 2023
  • Vernon Britton
  • Kayla Phillips
  • Bernadette Renfro
  • Liz Sherrod

Vernon Britton, Senior Warden

Eleanor Stevens, Junior Warden

Beth Weitz, Clerk

Jenny Dyer, Treasurer

Councils and Vestry Liaisons

Administration/Personnel–Vernon Britton

Building and Grounds Council–Eleanor Stevens

Christian Education Council–Andy Hicks

Communications Council–Ashton Hicks

Outreach Council–Bernadette Renfro

Invite, Welcome, Connect Council–Cathy Wadley

Parish Life Council–Chemain Kellogg

Pastoral Care Council–Mike Brown

Stewardship Council–Scott Branham

Young Families/Young Adults–Kayla Phillips, Liz Sherrod

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